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Vape Advocacy

The most important part of vaping, aside from the obvious; quitting cigarettes, is advocacy. What vapers and non-vapers alike want to know is the facts; is vaping actually better for you than smoking, are there long term effects, what studies can be trusted, etc. With so many varied studies having been published in recent years, it’s hard to know what’s fiction and what’s fact… unless you do your research! Vape advocates have definitely done their research, and they want to share everything they’ve learned, through both research as well as personal experience with vaping, with everyone so that we can all be well-informed and safe, and have the chance to continue saving lives.

Listed below are a couple advocacy groups that can help ease your mind about the many rumours and supposed studies that have been published to the public. Check them out, get informed, and show your friends!


The Canadian Vaping Association:

The CVA is a registered national, not-for-profit organization, established as the voice for the burgeoning Canadian vaping industry. Founded in 2014, the CVA represents over 300 retail and online vaping businesses in Canada.On behalf of its members, CVA is the primary liaison with all provincial and federal government(s) on all legislative and regulatory issues related to the industry. The primary goal of CVA is to ensure that government regulation is reasonable and practical, through the strategy of professional proactive communication and education supplied bilingually to health officers, media, and elected officials.

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Vaping Advocacy and Education Project:

VAEP: Utilizing our growing numbers and shared passion for being freed from tobacco addiction, vapers from every walk of life come together here for a common goal: to spread the truth about vaping and to ensure that we can continue to utilize vaping as a smoking cessation/reduction method. It is time to pool our resources, our skills, and time to create a multinational education campaign to ensure our right to life. We are a community within a community in which friendships are found and common goals and techniques can be shared not only locally, but throughout the international vaping communities.
Interested in Advocacy?

Vape Advocacy groups are in the elite of places to go for the answers you need about vaping. That being said, there are so many other sources you can look into aside from these specific groups. Various Facebook groups and Youtube videos can teach you so much about not only advocacy, but also about various people’s stories and other need-to-know topics such as device and battery safety, thorough knowledge regarding ejuice, devices and associated technology, and so much more. Check out the links below and begin shaping your vape learning curve in the right direction.

For some information about various studies and reports, click here!

The Vaper’s Corner on Regulator Watch has plenty of videos you can watch:


A video from The Official Vapor Advocates of Canada.

Link to the Facebook groups  Regulatory watch Youtube channel  and any other links to educate newbies.

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